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Vol. 13 - Issue No. 12 ------ Holiday Edition
December - 2012
Our Featured Classic
Fed-Flash Camera
-by Ken Riley

- This was the only camera that Federal Mfg. ever produced.


The Fed-Flash Camera was made between 1947-1956 and was marketed as a low priced, easy to operate camera for vacations, outings, and family pictures. The body was constructed of bakelite molded plastic and produced eight 2 1/4 x 1 5/8 inch sized exposures on type 127 roll-film. The camera sports a dual-element Meniscus 64mm Ultar lens with a single speed Type A Flash-Matic Shutter and built-in view finder.

It could take pictures both outside and inside using a large detachable flash unit that accepted No. 5 (bayonet base) flash-bulbs. Original retail price for the complete kit (camera, flash and case) sold for around $18.50 but by the end of the run in 1956 sold for only $4.95. Collectors value: $8-$15 according to McKeown's Camera Price Guide. However, research on ebay indicates that the camera sells for much more.

Click Here to view additional images of the Fed-Flash Camera on Google.

Federal Mfg. & Engineering Co. of Brooklyn, NY. was originally known as Federal Stamping and Engineering Corp. Their manufacturing plants and offices were located between 199-217 Stuben Street, Brooklyn 5, NY. They are mostly known for manufacturing photographic enlargers and electronic and other useful devices and may have entered the electronics business by providing an additional source in the production of General Radio VHF signal generators for the war effort during WWII.

Click Here to see ad for Federal Mfg. enlarger from 1947 Popular Science magazine.

Collector Cafe -- Qs & As
Topics this issue :

- Is it a 16mm, 8mm or Super-8?
- Antique Polaroid Land Camera...Really!
- Bought a Kodak-Cine Model E - Good Deal?

Q :

Hi Ken:
I got a Bell & Howell projector model # 359 CZ which was made in Canada. Would u know if it is a 16mm or 8mm or Super 8? I would appreciate any help in finding out what it is. Regards,

A :

Hi Mel,
After going to my extensive regular sources and finding nothing specific about your projector, I have to rely on my own experience. The projector looks to have been made in 1970 or so. My observation of the reel spindle indicates that it should project Super-8mm films as it looks to be a larger diameter. Standard or regular 8mm reels are not interchangeable with Super-8 equipment. As stated on the unit it is a Auto-Load which means it will self-thread the film. Look inside the lamp housing to determine replacement lamp type. Attached, please find a picture of a diagram of the differences between Standard 8mm and Super-8 films.

(Differences between Standard 8mm and Super-8 films)

Q :

Dear Ken:
We have a Polaroid Land Camera that is a definite antique. The Model # is J66 and the Serial # is BJ641649. Is there any way to determine what the year it was made in and a possible value to a collector might be!! It belonged to my father a WWII Navy veteran who lived in Whittier, California, now deceased. Any advice or info you can impart, would be much appreciated! Sincerely,
A :

Hi Russ,
It is important to understand here that a true antique is one at least 100 years old. After that comes classic and vintage. Your Dad's J66 falls under vintage since, in camera terms, it is not all that old. On top of that, Polaroid made millions of these cameras and there are still plenty around. Film is not available. Flash bulbs are hard to come by.

Your Polaroid Electric Eye Land Camera Model J66 was made between 1961-63 and is a very commonly found camera. It has a simple f/1.9 lens and uses type AG-1 flashbulbs. This model along with the J33 replaced the "80" series of cameras.

See: http://www.krphoto.com/polaroid_80_models.html

Collector's value*: $10 +/-

*All values are dependent on the condition of the equipment. Book values are those found in McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras.

Q :

Hi Ken:
What is the book value of a Kodak-Cine Model E? It is in excellent condition. I bought it in an antique shop for $50. Was this a good deal. It uses 16mm film. Thanks.

A :

Hi Jeff,
It was worth the money if in excellent/mint condition. The Cine Kodak Model E (1937-46) is a 16mm camera that uses 100' spools. This is an odd shaped camera that runs on spring wind-up power. It comes equipped with a interchangeable Kodak Anastigmat lens and can film at speeds of 16-64 fps. Book value: $30-$45 for one in basic good condition. You could double the value if in mint condition.
Keystone Camera Company : Did You Know?

The Keystone Camera Company, founded 1910 in Boston, Massachusetts, was a manufacturer of consumer photographic equipment. They were most known for their quality built low cost movie cameras and projectors made beginning in the 1930s. They also made 126 and 110 cartridge cameras with built in electronic flash such as the EverFlash series (See example picture below). They even made some instant cameras that used Polaroid film such as the Wizard XF-1000 (1977) and a few models in other formats such as 35mm, APS and Disc. Because of this Keystone was in a infringement suit with Polaroid Corp. in 1977 over the patents to their SX-70 compatible camera.

Keystone was truly an American company as they considered the labeling of their products "Made in USA" an important part of its appeal with the public. Sadly, the company filed for chapter 11 protection in 1991 and shortly thereafter was purchased by Concord Camera Company for $6.6 million. Concord then used the Keystone name to mainly market disposable "single use" 35mm cameras. In October 2008 Concord Camera announced that it was going out of business.

(Keystone EverFlash 20)

See more about the Keystone Wizard XF-1000 camera here:
Keystone Wizard XF-1000 at Wiki

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