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Ken Riley was involved in the photography business in many ways after successfully receiving a associate degree in specialized technology at the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh. Ken was involved in the technical side, working in a custom quality photo lab, and worked with multi-media, with slide presentations, multi-projector presentations and video.

He started collecting cameras after both his grandmother and his father gave him old cameras that they thought he might like. Grandma gave him a Brownie No. 1 Camera. Dad's gift was an Agfa Speedex folding camera (like those pictured above on his banner).
Ken's interest was piqued. For nearly 20 years his gifts fueled a hobby of collecting and restoring cameras before turning his hobby into a business to help others who are interested in antique and classic cameras.

"One thing that holds my interest," Ken says, "is the many different types, brands and models that there are." Ken Riley Photographics does, however, specialize in Polaroids, largely because of the lack of information about them.

"I don't seem to have any one kind of camera that I like more than another I simply enjoy them all," he says, adding, "The only thing that stands in my way of buying them all is my budget."
His expert hands have cleaned and restored many of old cameras and is always impressed by how they are made. "I marval at the amount of technology that went into the making of cameras."

Sadly, though, such technology is disappearing, Ken notes, because "at the gateway to the next century we are on the verge of not even needing film to capture our images."

"Soon the digital age will overtake photography like it did recorded music and we will simply plug in our cameras to a computer and view and print our pictures at home without having to send them out for processing," he says. "What will Kodak be doing then?"


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